I’m mostly Vietnamese and some Hispanic mix. I was born and raised in Vietnam, in a beach city named Nha Trang. And as we all know, beach people are more chill so that would also be a good description of my neighbors: People were friendly and kind. I moved to the States when I was 18. 

My physical looks are somewhat all over the place, what is so-called “mix.” I also have a very strong and dom personality, so that typically promotes my control over things in life. Some come to me since they like Asians, some do because they think I’m Latino, and so on. Many find me attractive due to my strong personality and confidence beyond the looks. 

I am learning about myself better every day, but I am pretty much pansexual. 

I think in Asian culture, at least in the past, women were more objectified. Throughout my childhood and adult life, I do find Asian characters have been represented and viewed usually with the wrong connotation such as more introverted, passive, and “submissive.” The concept of being objectified in a way is good, to reflect on the other angle of how others could view us, and from that we can learn and see our own perspectives. 

We can someday change stereotypes about Asians and others. The world is changing, and it can’t change if there is no catalyst. I do believe it is time.