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I am Taiwanese American. I grew up in Southern California in an Orange County suburb. 

My childhood involved friendships with Asian immigrant children like myself. As a child, Asian characters were mostly from the Japanese anime I consumed. The Asian characters in American media at that time were usually some version of Jackie Chan. 

I am happy to be in a generation where Asian American actors and actresses are being seen and heard more and more. 

I am a gay Asian male, but I feel that the way straight Asian men and gay Asian men are objectified is relatively the same. It is not my orientation but rather more my race that affects how I feel about being objectified. 

Yeah, people love to message me online with things like “Love small Asian dick” or “Let me cum on your eyes and make you even squintier.” It’s the reality for some people out there, and that has nothing to do with me so ignoring is easy. 

Being objectified is inherently an act of disrespect. I don’t have any good experiences with being objectified. Touching me because you appreciate my sexy body is one thing. Touching me because you feel it is your right to do so is another. 

Toxic masculine energy loves to challenge everyone’s masculinity. The systems that are in place typically gear white men to always benefit more than any other race. My response to it is just to live my life the way I want anyway.